"a joint bid put together by three parties"

Towels H2G2 (which was put up for sale as part of the BBC's restructuring of their website) has been bought by just the right people:
"It’s a joint bid put together by three parties: Robbie Stamp, h2g2c2 ('The h2g2 Community Consortium') and a company called Noesis Systems Ltd.

"As many of you know, Robbie was a very close friend of Douglas Adams and, along with Douglas, is the original founder of H2G2 back in 1999. The H2G2 Community and the site are very much close to his heart.

"h2g2c2 - 'The h2g2 Community Consortium' - have shown great energy and a real passion for continuing the very best traditions of H2G2. They will make sure the Community is always at the heart of everything H2G2 does.

"Noesis, headed by Brian Gunner Larholm, are an established social media company that specialises in online communities."
Robbie Stamp has a full report of the purchasing process which amounted to the combining of the three most attractive bids and setting up a charitable trust.  By the people, for the people.

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