"in places where Woody’s movies don’t usually respond"

Film Again proving William Goldman's maxim that no one knows anything Woody's latest film, Midnight in Paris, has gone relatively huge on its US release becoming his most popular film in years.
In fact, says Sony Pictures Classics co-president Tom Bernard, they’ve broadened the movie more briskly since platforming it in NY and LA on May 20 than they had intended, due to its strong numbers in every market. “It’s worked everywhere, in places where Woody’s movies don’t usually respond,” he says. Allen works in some markets like Manhattan “no matter what,” but often “in the hinterlands he doesn’t translate.” This coming weekend the movie goes as wide as any Allen movie ever has since Anything Else: 940 screens.
Which bodes well for a decent UK release. Might even find its way to blu-ray.

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