as Paul Morley would rave later

Meme I reveal when I got it wrong (inspired by):

Fiercely loyal to the original line up of the Sugababes and Siobhán Donaghy in particular, I attended the next album, Angels With Dirty Faces, the first with Heidi Range, with caution, and hated it, the vocal harmony which had made One Touch sound so unusual completely gone. But I saw the error of my ways fairly quickly. There are some duff tracks, Just Don't Need This a warning of the rubbish that was to come later, but as Paul Morley would rave later, track one, Freak Like Me is one of the best pop records of all time, a post-modern fusion of Adina Howard and Gary Newman.

For nearly a decade, I'd decided Curse of the Jade Scorpion was a low point in Woody Allen's career but as I outlined whilst watching his entire career in order, that opinion changed to "I found it really very engaging indeed", which is quite something for me. It's rare that my initial reaction to a film will change much in the intervening years and most often from positive to negative rather than in the other direction.

I'm so poorly read and the books I have read have been within such a narrow wavelength that I can't really comment on anything for the purposes of this exercise other than to say that my teenage brain didn't have the capacity to really appreciate Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse when I was forced to study it for A-Level and it wasn't until years later I understood the capacity of stream of consciousness to mimic the kinds of random thoughts we carry with us in every given situation.

I nurtured a passionate hatred for King Lear over many years but then saw a recording of a Shakespeare production in Central Park with James Earl Jones in the title role and finally realised what others found so profound (if you're not careful old age is index linked to a loss in dignity and your kids will never treat you with the respect you think you deserve) which went some way to showing that our impression of some plays, whoever the author might be, is always affected by the quality of the version we're subjected to.

Much like film, my initial reaction to television series and television people doesn't tend to change that much and when it does, it's because, at least in terms of long running series, the quality of the programme making has improved (see most of the Star Trek spin-offs in later series) (most) (not Voyager obviously). But to take a site-specific example, what I saw of Fawlty Towers years ago bored me senseless. Now having watched it again on dvd, I realise its genius. You have to be old enough to understand Basil's desperation and temper, I think.

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