"American voiceover artist"

Blog! When Lis Met Karen:
This is Karen Krisanovich.

Karen, as you can see from her website which I have linked above, is a writer; radio and TV broadcaster; American voiceover artist and presenter based in London. You know when I went down to London the other week? She was sitting opposite me on the train. Excellent chat. We kept each other giggling well into the wee hours as we headed south.

Only, here’s the thing: we didn’t say a word to each other until we departed at Euston.
Good old fashioned piece of blogging from Lis this of the kind I used to undulge in before I became self-conscious and weird.

On the Krizanovich front, Karen's uploaded to her YouTube channel this brief clip from Channel 4 Daily in which she's wearing an amazing top which is brighter than Sol.

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