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Radio As you probably remember, Torchwood: The Lost Files was a series of adventures broadcast in Radio 4's Afternoon Play slot in the run up to Miracle Day, set in and around Children of Earth. As expected AudioGo are about to release a cd box set of them but unexpectedly they've have been good enough to send me a review copy. When I wrote about the plays at time of broadcast it was with the assumption that you'd all been listening along (also linked below and full of spoilers), but I do know there will be some of you who'll be coming fresh to these, so here's a paragraph of text about each with the relevant spoilers excised.

Rupert Laight’s The Devil and Miss Carew isn't the most auspicious of starts. The idea is sound, an alien employing the Shipping Forecast to take possession of the residents of a care home, but the execution lacks pace, has some ear-splitting dialogue and repetitious exposition and some quite disappointing moments when exposition is repeated over and again on the assumption the audience is having difficultly following.  Ahem.  That said, the cast march confidently back into their old roles, especially Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto, who's levity and comic timing have been much missed in the new television series [original review].

Ryan Scott’s Submission showed us that radio Torchwood can be both personal and epic and offer a story that could not necessarily be filmed on an average television budget. Channelling Jules Verne, this saw the crew with one of Ianto's old flames descending to the deep to investigate the noise being made by a vast creature. Thick with the atmosphere of the unknown world beneath the waves, the dialogue puts the audience directly into the capsule whilst still maintain the integrity of the regulars, gifting Gwen some of her best ever comic moments which Eve Myles obviously enjoys performing [original review].

But best of the three and as I said at the time, the best radio Torchwood ever, is James Goss's The House of the Dead, whose unpromising set-up belays an astonishingly involving story that would be too easily ruined if I went much further than what's said on the box. The most haunted pub in Wales is closing and to mark the occasion the landlord brings in a psychic to hold a seance. As the Torchwood team investigate, Jack starts acting strangely and it slowly becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems. Torchwood's The Chimes of Midnight and a reminder of what is possible even within the old "stand alone" format [original review].

Torchwood: The Lost Files is released by AudioGo on the 8th September 2011.  Review copy supplied.

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