"Amidala discovering her own dark side"

Dance Watching the excellent Tournée not too long ago, the low budget comedy about a French impresario managing an American Neo-Burlesque troupe, it didn't take too long for me to wonder whether burlesque dancers ever themed their show, most specifically with sci-fi reference, injecting one of the more obvious sub-cultures. Well, some of them do:
"And what better narrative to bring than the rabidly beloved interstellar adventures of Star Trek and Star Wars? While they do play up the rivalry between the two, there’s plenty of room in the show’s dozen or more acts for both franchises to bare all—so for every Amidala discovering her own dark side (performer Keela Watts) there’s an aerial Borg dancer navigating her way around a suspended cube (Miranda Tempest). And taking the award for “Best Ever Use of William Shatner’s cover of ‘Common People’” is BoylesqueTO’s Patastrophic Sexapeel, whose cheeky turn as Captain Kirk brings the show to a triumphant close."
The pictures are here and well worth a look, if not safe for work.  Of course, Doctor Who was already pioneering the effort on television in the 1980s ...

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