"A noticeably under-the-weather Davies"

TV QI is touring Australia, with Stephen Fry and Alan Davies in their usual spots and local celebrities. The local Chortle has a review:
"A noticeably under-the-weather Davies did his best to play his usual target of ridicule. Under the influence of medication, he was more interested in exploring the stage like a misbehaving toddler than contributing to the dialogue. This still provided some humour with Fry wrestling to gain control over proceedings as Davies created mild anarchy. Ten years of wearing the Dunce's hat gave this performance an undercurrent of apathy and cynicism.

"(Julia) Zemiro took up some of the slack left by the ill Davies; interjecting with a constant stream of comical but incorrect answers. She made fully use of her many years in improv to throw anything and everything into the banter, some successful, some not."
A YouTube search suggests Zemiro is a fairly huge tv presence in Oz and would have been perfect on QI. Here she trying to work out which answer was given by contestants on American gameshows on an Austrian "Zoo" like show:

Also: cueing in Terry Wogan on Eurovision in 2008, reviewing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and funnily improving her way through Thank God You're Here.

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