"we don't know what's happening"

TV Remember how I suggested there might not be anything Who related on tv until actual Who next autumn (Christmas accepted)? Well ...
"Will there be a fifth season of Torchwood? Barrowman is briefly stumped. "If there's a pause button, we've pushed the pause button now because we don't know what's happening", he says. "I would love to do a new series and I will play Captain Jack as long as they want me to play Captain Jack, but it's in limbo at the moment and beyond my control." He'd love to see his creation on the big screen. "I think that Torchwood, more so than Doctor Who, lends itself to being a big film because it's more adult", he says. "Now if it was Doctor Who with David (Tennant) playing the Doctor - I'm going to get in trouble for saying this - I'd happily do a film with him."
Jack's not back in January. Jack's not back at all. In fact, judging by that quote Jack won't ever be back, unless there's a Doctor Who cameo, for quite some time ... 2012 is going to be a very, very long year filled with a glut of spin-off product ... [via]

Update 5/12/2011 The title of this interview for Pink News says everything: "Russell T Davies on shelving US projects, his partner’s cancer diagnosis and coming home". Just some work on a show for CBBC to come. It's a difficult read for obvious reasons, but there is this brilliant paragraph about John Barrowman:
“John, God bless him. What have I done? I’ve created a monster,” he laughs. “I always say though, if I ever accidentally murder someone and need to get out of the country fast, he’s the man I’d phone. He’d do it. He’d wrap me up in a carpet and smuggle me out of the country in the back of a van. He’s a lovely man. People don’t realise how kind he is.”
Oh sorry and this about bringing back Doctor Who:
"... an old friend of mine from Granada reminded me I once told him if they ever let me bring back Dr Who, I’d cast Denise Van Outen as the companion and Thora Hird as her mother. In a way that’s pretty much what we did."

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