"I found, sometimes the way I'm spoken to, or regarded"

Film Gemma Arterton talks The Guardian about being a feminist in the film world:
"It's such a male-dominated industry," she says, eyes rolling. "You can be a feminist, it's just difficult because it sometimes comes back at you. Actually, in the last year I've found it less, because people know I'm a feminist now." I wonder how they know. Does she wear a badge? "I found, sometimes the way I'm spoken to, or regarded … In the last year, the respect for me as an actor rather than as just the girl from the Bond film has changed. I think a lot of it is down to that I am now choosing who I am working with. I meet somebody, and it's a two-way decision. It's not me going, 'please will you employ me?' Now it's, 'am I going to be able to collaborate with you and have a conversation that's not about how big your trailer is?' It's become easier that way."
She's clearly unhappy now about Clash of the Titan and Prince of Persia, but she was the one thing which made both films bearable.

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