"UK garage, R&B and trip-hop"

Music The Guardian ran an affection piece about (the) Sugababes on Saturday which neatly encapsulates the issues, says some nice things about Siobhan's solo albums and is probably most interesting because it's a mainstream organ adding credence to the rumours that they're reforming:
"I want to believe there's more, though. Colour me a nostalgic fool, but that first Sugababes record almost makes up for an entire adolescence of monobrowed maladjustment. Drawing from UK garage, R&B and trip-hop, One Touch was street yet sweet, cool as a cucumber smoothie, pop but not the way Atomic Kitten did it."
Meanwhile, I've had some inspiration on what they should call themselves since their name's been usurped by imposters. How about ...

One Touch.

Yes? No?

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