"Ewan McGregor looked after me."

Life The Guardian's pulled together some of my favourite people to talk about their career firsts. For some reason I'd entirely blanked on Trainspotting being Kelly MacDonald's first film:
"Ewan McGregor looked after me. We had that quite intimate scene to do together. At every stage of the audition process, they'd told me there was a sex scene in the film. "Would you be OK with that?" "Yeah, of course!" But it didn't compute. It was only on the day of shooting that scene that I suddenly thought, "Oh shit, I've got to do this thing." I didn't want it to be a really gruelling, awful day, so I thought if I went for it 100% then I wouldn't have to keep doing it. But I was so naive that that was the day I got my mum and my brother to visit the set. How nuts is that?"
Perhaps in that case, when this happened, she was as nervous as I was.

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