The Titlebar Archive: Happy Endings

TV Always desperate for something to cheer me up in the post-Christmas neutral zone, the first season of Happy Endings was just perfect, offering  twenty minute bursts of old school relationship comedy.  This screenshot is from teaser to the "Mein Coming Out" episode, from early in the first season when Penny meets the perfect man who happens to have fairly notorious surname and Max is putting off coming out to his parents. In typical style, the teaser features an entirely in-connected element, in this case Jane's all night cookfest creating a surreally abundant breakfast buffet.  Here, Alex momentarily looks longingly at her ex-fiance Dave as he munches on a streak of crispy bacon and we're not entirely sure which she's longing for most.

You probably missed Happy Endings if you were in the UK.  Unlike its spiritual predecessor Friends which spent a decade in prime time on Channel 4, the sitcom was hidden in a weekday slot on E4 then repeated in the wrong order on the main channel at four in the morning.  Catching up with it over a few days, I was amazed at the density of the dialogue, the ingenuity of the storytelling which in some places rivals Steven Moffat's Coupling and the fearlessness of the performances as dignity often goes out the window for a good joke.  The "Dave of the Dead" episode is one of the best reposts to hipster culture I've seen, the title alone suggesting the ultimate destination for a perfectly pitched parody of the clothes, the music, the films and the food.

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