"40 or 50 times"

Web Luv & Hat tackle Tumblr:
"Well done, Tumblr. Well done for liking the same slightly geeky, slightly culty, slightly alternative things as EVERYONE ELSE ON FUCKING TUMBLR. You’re such an individual. That photo of a cupcake that’s only been reblogged 995 times? Hardly anyone has seen that more than, say, 40 or 50 times. You’re right to reblog it. You’re doing the world a favour. You have such good taste. Admittedly you didn’t have any part in its creation, and you’re just dumbly human centipeding it down the internet because it’s easier than making something yourself, but pat yourself on the back anyway."
Incidentally this blog has its own Tumblr, which as you can see I never have found a use for.

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