"buy a jumper in C&A"

Commerce Tom de Castella at the BBC talks eloquently about brand nostalgia:
"You pop out of the house, cash a cheque at Midland Bank, hire a television at Radio Rentals, buy a jumper in C&A, pick up some screws at Texas DIY, do the weekly shop at Gateway, before repairing to Lyons Corner House for a cup of tea and an individual fruit pie."
Liverpool certainly feels that, some of us wistfully looking at the Wetherspoons on Great Charlotte Street and remember its previous tenant Blackers, a department store which closed so long ago now I remember buying peripherals for my Acorn Electron (a First Byte Joystick Interface!) in the closing down sale.

Not mentioned is how Boots (the chemist) has retained its old fashioned logo despite everyone else in the high street shifting to some derivation of boring old Helvetica, which means the company retains a sense of continuity stretching back to our childhood.  It's a sense of comfort which simply doesn't exist with Superdrug.

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