"this Starbucks is somehow characteristic"

Architecture Architects Kengo Kuma and Associates have designed a Starbucks coffee shop to complement a Shinto shrine in Dazaifu, Japan. The results can be seen at Dezeen:
"Location of this Starbucks is somehow characteristic, as it stands on the main approach to the Dazaifu Tenmangu, one of the most major shrines in Japan. Established in 919 A.D., the shrine has been worshiped as “the God for Examination,” and receives about 2 million visitors a year who wish their success."
One of the more impressive elements of most coffee chains is their ability to fit within the architecture of wherever they've decided to leave their footprint, from a mezzanine in bookshop to what amounts to a massive art project.

But staff obviously have to deal with the consequences of that and there are clearly some outlets that are more conducive to a decent work day than others.  This seems like it could be quite oppressive, especially since it looks like a massive stack of wooden coffee stirrers.

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