"records all of TV and radio programmes"

TV Radio and Telly UK brings news of ...
"... a PVR that records every channel, all of the time. The Promise Seven PVR plugs into your telly aerial and records all of TV and radio programmes from the 60 or so Freeview channels, and keeps them for 7 days. Imagine. Every single TV show for the last week, recorded, browseable and available on demand."
As the price of home broadband reduces and streaming services become the norm rather than an extra this will seem a bit technologically old hat. But what about as an addition to the addition? 

Perhaps at some point when prices come down (this unit is currently just under two thousand pounds) we'll have a Spotify-like situation where the iPlayer or whatever brand of streaming will check the hard disk to see if something's been recorded there before allowing the web to take the strain.

Someone's about to tell me that's already happening, aren't they?

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