"I ended up making films about talking dogs."

TV e-flux has an expansive, multi-part interview with documentarian Adam Curtis which includes how he entered the BBC and what is first job was:
"I was being silly, and the man who was running the training course thought it was so ridiculous that he sent me to work on the silliest program in the whole world, which was called That’s Life! with a woman called Esther Rantzen. And I ended up making films about talking dogs. So there wasn’t a moment of epiphany, but it was more like a strange drug-induced experience of lurching from one extreme to another, from teaching politics at Oxford and getting bored to making films about talking dogs and dogs that could sing. But I loved it, I just thought it was simply wonderful. My mother hated it. She thought I should be a serious academic. I had done very well at Oxford, so all the academic people there thought I had gone completely mad, leaving to make films about talking dogs."
Did Adam Curtis make Sausages? Did Adam Curtis make:

The dog has the same accent as its owner. I've never noticed that before [via].

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