"I hurriedly adapted one of my tavern chairs"

Architecture In another of their storming "How We Made" series, The Guardian talks to the people behind the modern Coventry Cathedral, one of my favourite buildings. As Anthony Bee explains, everything was touch and go, right through up to and including the consecration:
"Three weeks before the consecration, I got a call saying the Queen had to have a throne for the ceremony. There wasn't time to design one from scratch so I hurriedly adapted one of my tavern chairs. The worst moment came when, during the consecration, the mayor fainted. As he fell, he grabbed the royal crest on the throne. If the Lord Lieutenant next to him had not stepped in, Her Majesty would have tipped over backwards."
As someone in the comments notes, the kaleidoscope of colour refracted through the stained glass windows of the cathedral at different times of the day is magical, like a man made aurora borealis splashing against interiors and exteriors.

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