back in front

Film The Guardian (and a few million other sources) bring news that Woody's stepping back in front of the camera as an actor for hire in John Turturro's Fading Gigalo, playing one of the eponymous escorts.

Turturro's worked with Woody before having recently directed one of his stage scripts on Broadway.  He also acted with him in the rubbish Company Men (which Woody had his credit removed from) and gave Turturro an early film role in Hannah and Her Sisters as a writer.

Sharon Stone's in the guest cast too.  She appeared with Woody in Picking up the Pieces, his last appearance as actor for hire and Antz before that and way before that she was the girl on the train in Stardust Memories.  It's tangled web and if I don't stop now I'm likely to start writing one of these entries before the film's even made and in the wrong order.

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