"his iconic portrait of Her Majesty The Queen"

Art  Ha-hah-hahoo-haha-hum.  Rolf's art is coming to the Walker in Liverpool:
"A major retrospective of legendary artist, musician and TV personality, Rolf Harris, goes on display at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool from 19 May to 12 August 2012.

"Titled: Rolf Harris: Can You Tell What It Is Yet? features an eclectic range of paintings, memorabilia and much more from the UK’s best selling published artist and well loved entertainer.

"The original works on display - including paintings, drawings, lithographs, cartoons and sculptures - range from Rolf’s early days as a student to paintings he created at lightning speed in front of a TV camera. The exhibition also includes some of his most impressive and well known pieces, such as his iconic portrait of Her Majesty The Queen, painted in 2005 to mark her 80th birthday the following year. As part of the exhibition the royal portrait will be on display during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations this year."
Like most people of my generation some of my happiest memories were watching Rolf's pictures emerge from an apparently random selection of lines in prime time then later on the Cartoon Club/Time, fullscap pages filled with manic Warners and Disney crossovers years before Roger Rabbit.

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