even more of an outlier

Film Woody's next Italy based film has been renamed again. Now called the slightly bland To Rome with Love, it was apparently changed from Nero Fiddled because "while an appropriate and humorous phrase in the US, (it) is not a familiar expression overseas, and many international territories preferred a more globally understood name."

What's interesting about this, of course, is that because of the dramatic success of Midnight in Paris, the studio/distributor actually cares whether Woody Allen's new film even has a commercial title. The shooting title, Bob Decameron was even more of an outlier, but it's not impossible that it would have stuck with that if Paris had done the usual business.

On a related topic, I've been appalled to discover Midnight in Paris hasn't been granted a blu-ray release in the UK yet, even though Warner Home Video will generally put any old crap on the format including bloody Green Lantern, which is why I'd entirely missed its home release.  As ever I refuse to pay £10 for a dvd in this day and age so I'll either have to Lovefilm it or wait and see.

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