"I’m busy watering my vegetables."

TV Radio Times has a lovely interview with Anneke Wills who played one of my favourite Doctor Who companions, Polly. Here she is on the ongoing controversy surround an interview she gave in the 70s, just to prove fans never forget:
"Anneke quit in 1967, but RT tracked her down for the tenth anniversary special in 1973. “It was slightly disturbing for me – my old life coming back. I’d turned left and left it all behind. I was saying, ‘No, I don’t do that any more. I’m busy watering my vegetables. If you want pictures, you’ll have to come here.’ ” [...] When quizzed about Polly by RT in 73, “Unfortunately I said she was a frightened, weedy woman, and ever since I’ve been inundated by fans, saying ‘No, NO!’ If you look back at the stories, she’s right in there, feisty as can be. So I retract that. It was mistake. And I’m sorry, fans.”
Later she says on future projects, “There’s all sorts of secrets going on but I can’t tell you.” She’s bitterly clenching her teeth. “I’m hopeless at secrets."  Again we ask, what the hell's happening next year?

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