"an area of Liverpool known as The Dingle"

Radio The Afternoon Drama on BBC Radio 4, tomorrow (Bank Holiday Monday), is set in the Dingle in Liverpool:
"Past and present collide when an old man refuses to leave his home, which is due for demolition: He looks back to his past and finds strength and meaning in a wild, strange ritual of his childhood. The burning of an effigy of Judas Iscariot was performed every Good Friday in an area of Liverpool known as The Dingle. This evocative, romantic and defiant drama is an elegy for the death of a way of life. The voices of real people who used to take part in the ritual are woven into the drama."
The programme notes say that the Dingle is in Toxteth, whereas my understanding is that it borders there and Aigburth.  I'd welcome a clarification.

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