the Harvey Keitel story

Film Aah, Joey Lauren Adams. For those of us who were the right age when Chasing Amy was released in 1996, she was the actress who seemed as though she was going head off and do great things.  Sadly for her, and us (and ultimately Sally Philips when it came to the Bridget Jones job), Jerry Maguire was also released in 1996 and turned RenĂ©e Zellweger into a star and as Joey acknowledges in this video (a kind of moving pictures version of The AV Club's random roles) she'd spend the rest of her career having to deal with the similarity.

She skips over what's arguably one of her best films, A Cool Dry Place, in which she co-starred with one Monica Potter, who was almost the next Julia Roberts. Until Julia Roberts decided that she was going to keep working. If nothing else, this video's worth watching for the Harvey Keitel story which is a decent stopgap until Mark Kermode breaks his silence and tells us his Harvey Keitel story.

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