Adventures with the Wife in Space. The Book.

TV  Neil Perryman, erstwhile editor of my old haunt Behind The Sofa and current transcriber (and so much more besides) of Adventures with the Wife in Space, an epic project in which he's showing the entirety of broadcast classic Who to his spouse Sue announced today that he's scored a publishing deal with Faber and Faber to turn their experiences into a book.

At the bottom of their latest adventure, The Visitation, Neil explains that this won't be a simple republication of the blog, but a whole new chunk of text, "the book will be, in a nutshell, the story of me, Sue and Doctor Who. Part memoir, part confessional, part therapy, the book will – I hope! – complement the journey we are still taking."

Well, this is excellent news especially since it's with a publishing name which gives it some extra kudos.  The book's already available to buy here though its not published until August 2013 in time for the anniversary.  If only I could also set my PVR for their inevitable appearance on BBC Breakfast too.

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