Casting Twelve Prime Ministers.

Film  You will have all seen by now that Helen Mirren's returning to her role as Elizabeth II in a new play by Peter Morgan (writer of The Queen, Frost/Nixon and all of the Tony Blair dramss) which will investigate the weekly meetings successive prime ministers have had with the monarch.

This isn't a film yet, but if probably will be, so it's important to start thinking about casting now, from Churchill to Cameron and the best approach would seem to be recall some actors who've previously had successes in these very roles, and a few others.

Sir Winston Churchill - Ian McNeice.
Sir Anthony Eden - Robert Bathurst
Harold Macmillan - Patrick Stewart
Alec Douglas-Home - Michael Kitchen
Harold Wilson - John Sessions
Edward Heath - Michael Cochrane
James Callaghan - Michael Gambon
Margaret Thatcher - Meryl Streep
John Major - Martin Freeman
Tony Blair - Michael Sheen
Gordon Brown - David Morrissey
David Cameron - Rupert Graves

Streep vs Mirren as Thatch vs her Madge.  Someone needs to start collecting their pennies together now.

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