I've not been well this past few weeks

Life  Not that you could really tell, I've not been well this past few weeks, with plenty of time spent in bed.  It was something to do with my prostrate though nothing which could be completely medically diagnosed.  One set of tablets given after a midnight visit to a GP at the drop in clinic at Old Swan didn't work, but happily another, much stronger set scripted by my own doctor have done the trick.  I'm just about well enough now.  Not quite out of paranoia phase yet but I can at least sit back at this computer for longer stretches.  I was pleased to discover my blood and water tests were normal, and my blood pressure, which answers a few other, unrelated, questions.  

Of course some of the bed time was spent in front of the Paralympics which has more than stopped me (mostly) feeling sorry for myself.  After initially finding it difficult to navigate Channel 4's commercial strewn, sometimes stiff, not often live, coverage, the stories and achievements have broken through the fog leaving me in bits, not just when an Paralympic GB athlete wins, but just because some of these athletes are even competing.  If, during the Olympics it seemed as though so called "celebrities" had finally been put into sharp relief, now they look even more facile and pointless.  They can't not when compared to blind long jumpers or archers finding the centre of a target with just their feet.

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