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Music  Also, while I was away, the most important news story of this century trundled on with the publication of PopJustice's full interview with Mutya Keisha Siobhan (still feels like there should be an & in there somewhere). Its already been strip-mined elsewhere for the talk about working or not working with "Sugababes" and Girls Aloud but the really interesting section is in regards to the songs they'll be singing live:
Have you talked about what songs you’re going to do when you perform live.
Mutya: No, actually. We’d like to do some classics from the first album and some songs from when Siobhan wasn’t in the band…
Siobhan: I’m happy to sing those.

How about ‘Get Sexy’?
Keisha: (Ignoring question, over sound of Mutya guffawing) Siobhan really likes ‘Stronger’, she likes ‘Freak Like Me’… To be fair I think it’s important to reference all the big songs we’ve done.
Siobhan: ‘Stronger’ is a Sugababes classic. I’m not precious about that at all.
Mutya: There’s a lot of songs!
Keisha: Even by the time I left we’d had 28 singles. So we’ll pick our best for our first comeback gig.
Mutya: We don’t want to dwell on the past too much though when we’ve got so much new stuff.

Would you do any of your solo stuff?
Mutya: No.
Keisha: I didn’t have any!
Siobhan: It’s confusing enough as it is, without adding in the solo songs!
So no Revolution In Me or Song4Mutya sadly.  The idea of the proper Sugababes doing what are essentially covers of the later history is excellent news and shows a very collegiate approach to the band's history.  There's an amusing moment elsewhere in the piece when Siobhan makes a joke about them being the current line-up and that's genuinely what this feels like.  If they turn up somewhere and do "Girls" that'd seal the deal.  Even an ironic Get Sexy would be permissible, I suppose.

Elsewhere, Lost In Music blog has posted a brutal and well researched appreciation of Siobhan's Ghosts:
"The themes on Ghosts are fairly common for a dark alterna-pop production; lost love, depression, isolation, survival. Donaghy and Sanger’s lush and unique electro-nuances mixed with occasional acoustic flourishes help create something much more complex than simple emo-pop though. In ‘Coming Up For Air’ she sings ‘back with myself again / all my fears just like a ball and chain / and though I am alone / I’m at home here with my selfish pain’ a truly depressing lyric when read on its own, yet there’s an oddly uplifting and freeing feel to the music and vocal delivery that mostly evokes a feeling of hopefulness."
Perhaps if this project is a success, whoever has the rights to this might have a go at a re-release.  Maybe.

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