Alicia Keys sings the Gummi Bears theme song.

Music On Jimmy Kimmel. Watch for the moment when the audience realises what's going on and aren't sure how respectful they should be given that Keys is giving the song all of her usual professionalism.

At university in the mid-nineties while visiting Huddersfield and flicking through a second-hand record shop near the railway station I found a cassette copy of a Disney charity compilation, For Our Children. I'll admit my purchase was motivated by being a Debbie Gibson completest, but having learnt something about music since then, I'm astounded by the contents now. Here's the track listing (with links as possible):

Give a little love / Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers
This old man / Bob Dylan
Cushie Butterfield / Sting
Mary had a little lamb / Paul McCartney
The ballad of Davy Crockett / Stephen Bishop
Itsy bitsy spider / Little Richard
Chicken lips and lizard hips / Bruce Springsteen
Country feelin's / Brian Wilson
Blueberry pie / Bette Midler
The pacifier / Elton John
Getting to know you / James Taylor
Autumn to May / Ann and Nancy Wilson
Child of mine / Carole King
Tell me why / Pat Benatar
A medley of rhymes: man in the moon/Twinkle, twinkle, little star/Three blind mice/Hush little baby / Debbie Gibson
Blanket for a sail / Harry Nilsson
Good night, my love (pleasant dreams) / Paula Abdul
Gartan mother's lullaby/ Meryl Streep
Golden slumbers / Jackson Browne and Jennifer Warne
A child is born / Barbra Streisand.

Yes, that's Dylan perkily droning through This Old Man for ten verses.

I'm sure, even at the age of eighteen, this was the first time I'd encountered half of these performers. I also expect James Taylor singing Getting To Know You was as useful an introduction as any.  Research suggest subsequent releases had Seal singing Puff The Magic Dragon and Luther Vandross offering us his I Had A Hammer.

Disney must reissue all of these soon.

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