Jonathan Morris answers his critics.

Audio With my rewatch of all of tv Doctor Who up and running, I'll probably run even further behind with Big Finish's releases so I've not heard Johnny Morris's The Shadow Heart, but that hasn't stopped me enjoying the writer's reaction to some of the negative reviews. He doesn't name names, but he does explain how it's impossible to please everyone all of the time:
"So I must admit to being a little non-plussed by a review dismissing the whole story as a parody of Star Wars. Now, the customer is always right, if that’s how it came across to them then that’s entirely valid. All I can say is that wasn’t the intention. If anything, writing science-fiction, Star Wars is something you’re always trying to avoid, because it is so well-known, so iconic. But on the other hand, there’s the problem that by doing so you restrict your canvas; do you never include a scene set in an alien pub because Star Wars did that? Do you never include a snow planet because Star Wars did that? It’s an interesting problem; do you consciously avoid anything that’s been done in Star Wars, or do you pretend Star Wars never existed?"

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