It's Gonna Be a Long Night.

Politics On this occasion, Julie Miller of the New York School of Performing Arts is correct as we await news of who is going to be running the free world for the next four years. It's always seemed slightly strange that we have to endure midnight counting for the UK's elections and we'll still be sitting up until four o'clock in the morning watching the arithmetic of the US's electoral college.

Personally, I'm standing with Nate Silver.  Obama will win this election.  He has to.  The alternative leaves the world shrouded in even greater darkness than we experienced during the Bush years because Romney's a cleverer unit and will be able to learn from his predecessor's mistakes.

But I am nervous.  Nate gives Obama's chance of winning at over 90%, yet watching the ignorance of voters, especially Romney voters about what's been happening in their own government over the past four years, not understanding why their president has been unable to enact many of the things he's promised gives me pause.

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