Maurice Sendak interview.

Books Maurice Sendak has a lovely interview in The Believer from Emma Brockes, usually of The Guardian's parish. Here he is on the election, sorry, the US election:
"I can’t read the papers anymore. I just feel sorry for Obama. I want him so much to win. I would do anything to help him win. He’s a decent, wonderful man. And these Republican schnooks are so horrible. They’d be comical if they weren’t not funny. So. What’s to say, what’s to say? It’s very discouraging. Which is probably why I’m going back in time. I’m a lucky man, I can afford to do that. I can afford to live here in silence, in these trees and these flowers, and not get involved with the world."
He's exactly how you'd imagine the author of Where The Wild Things Are to be.  More sweary perhaps.

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