Elizabeth Wurtzel on her 2012. Other things.

People The biographical piece for New York Magazine contains some of the best writing Elizabeth's ever produced, about the perils of subletting in Greenwich Village (though the world "peril" doesn't really cover it) (to put it mildly), not growing up, not really having a direction in life and not know what to do about people.  I spent much of it nodding.  Not necessarily about the context, but the broad strokes.  Here's one of my favourite sections:
"... most people who think they are practicing law are actually making binders, and my guess is that most people who think they are doing whatever important thing they are doing are making binders. The binders from law firms go to a locker in a warehouse in a parking lot in an office park off an exit of a turnpike off a highway off an interstate in New Jersey, never to be looked at again. No one ever read them in the first place. But some client was billed for the hourly work."
Which explains how much of the Leveson enquiry worked, I'm sure.  I hope 2013 is a better time for you Elizabeth.

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