School Secret Wars: Chapter One.

During a post-Christmas clear-out this morning I found all of my exercise books from infants and primary school. In between the barely legible transcriptions of history lessons and my first computer studies lesson which was about gas bills it seems, was this curious document the origin of which I have little to no idea. 

 I assume it was the homework for some kind of creative writing lesson, writing a chapter each week, and lacking anything in the way of an original thought (start as you mean to go on) (show me the child at seven) (etc) it's a rewriting of Marvel Comics's major crossover event, presumably based on the UK reprint which were in circulation at the time. Find below a transcript of ...



Welcome to the Secret Wars!

The heroes participating are:-

Spider-man, well he does not need a intro.

She-Hulk, she is a feminine version of the Hulk with one exception, she is intelligent!

Capt. America is a very skilled combatant who is very kind.

Plus in the Fantastic Four there are: Mr Fantastic, a man who can stretch his body into any shape.

The Thing, is strong, but his appearance may frighten you.

Johnny Storm, the Human torch.  A fiery hero.

Now come the villains:

Doctor Doom, a very powerful villain.

Then there's Kang, Doctor Doom's futuristic counterpart.

Then the Molecule Man comes foreth.  He concentrates molecules, man!  He is powerful.

Doc Octopus has 8 arms.

Ultron, His mission is to all (illegible) living, Kill!

The Enchantress, an Asgardian goddess.

Underneath is the following drawing and teacher's comment:

You're too kind.  No really.  Bet you can't wait to see what happens next.

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