Jodie Whittaker on acting.

Film View London's interviews tend to be relatively idiosyncratic and in-depth and here's another example with Jodi Whittaker on her nuts and bolts, day to day life of auditioning and acting. Here she is on when she decides to keep an accent up between takes:
"There's an absolute argument; I definitely would never rule that out on a job. There have been jobs before when I've stayed in the accent, and I have to say I think you're better for it. Because it was so hard for me, Yorkshire to Belfast is a massive jump, Yorkshire to other accents isn't that big. I was more worried that speaking in it the whole time, in between, I'd pick up habits that weren't right, that I'd just get into the habit of doing, because I'd be speaking. But when I concentrated on my lines, I'd worked so much on the final draft with the dialect coach, I'd done ten or twelve hours on it. So I needed that to be in my head."
See what I mean. It's refreshing to read something which is low on anecdotes, high on giving the reader a real insight into process.

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