Plug! Way back, further than most have ever been into the deep history of this blog, I used to plug the many gigs of a singer/songwriter called Eva Katzler. I'd bought an EP of hers at the Virgin Megastore in Clayton Square, a CD-R with a DIY inlay and it contained some of my still favourite songs, a track from which is now available in the Underground Music section at

Back then I said she offered:
"a lullaby for those of us who need to find somewhere to curl up and hide when the world around us is so loud and overbearing -- her vocals wrap themselves around you and for those brief moments, everything is OK"
I raved about it to such an extent that she utilised a quote from me on her website (I'm there just below Elvis Costello and Paul MacCartney) and here I am in 2007 being excited about her rather wonderful subsequent album. In the meantime she was kind enough to take part in Review 2003 (along with all kinds of people you wouldn't believe).

Now Eva's turned herself to writing with a children's book published last year, Florentine and Pig Have A Very Lovely Picnic and a new one coming in the same series, Florentine and Pig and the Lost Pirate Treasure later this year, and I couldn't be more pleased for her and the reason I know about all of this is because I found this interview with her last night:

There's also an accompanying website and YouTube channel featuring cookery tutorials for children.  Well then.  You never know what you'll discover pottering around online at midnight.

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