Magma beast.

Food This post about about the Magma Stainless Steel Grill seems so quintessentially Boing Boing, Jason Weisberger could be having us on:
"nce again the Magma BBQ saved my camping trip. Copied from the pages of The Samba, where user Rhinoculips shared his install, this is one fantastic addition to my arsenal of VW Westfalia camping gear!

"Set-up and break-down of the grill take me less than 3 minutes. The simple, small 1lb propane cans are easy to pack away in either the Magma's padded storage bag, or just stashed around my bus. It is easy to light and gets wonderfully hot, wonderfully quick! You can choose where to put yours, there are many, many mounting options."
I should read Boing Boing more than I do. But it's always difficult with any website that posts dozens of times a day. I lack the hours.

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