Horology To Lyme Regis and a row within the town council over the painting of a clock originally placed to celebrate the millenium. After thirteen years of service it's due for a repaint, which fine, except the original design included the names of the then mayor and town clerk and ...
"... members of the council's town management committee called a halt to the repainting of the lettering until they could see how much it would cost.

"Some members thought the names should be removed completely.

"Coun Terry O'Grady said: “It is wasting taxpayers' money. We should get the clock painted and leave it as it is.”

"Coun Lucy Campbell said: “I thought it was a really ugly clock in the first place. Fine, repair the clock and keep it in good repair but I don't see the point in doing extra bits of painting.”

"But Coun Michaela Ellis disagreed. She said: “It was put there as a heritage thing for that time and it should be kept up.”
Irrespective of why the names were put up there in the first place, how much more expensive is it going to be for someone to spend a couple of hours touching them up and ironically it's potentially less time has been taken in discussing whether they should be repaired. The underlying story is presumably to do with city heritage and history and the extent to which that should be maintained.

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