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Food Canadian hipsters, hippies and women are taking up hunting. Filmmaker Kesia Nagata has decided commercial meat isn't for her so she's learning how to fell animals in the wild:
“We were vegetarian growing up, so hunting was never really on the radar when we were kids,” she said. “My parents were trying to make a choice about minimizing evil, both nutritional and ethical.”

Not a lot of the animal protein available met their standard. The environmental impact of what she calls “industrial meat” is enough to put Nagata off her feed.

“I want my meat to be grass-finished, and killed as ethically as possible,” she said. “As much as I firmly believe in the necessity of animal protein and saturated fats, the commercial stuff is all toxic.”
Me throughout reading this. Scroll up, no. Read some more. Scroll up again, no. Read some more, check the masthead again, yes, this is The Vancouver Sun and not The Onion.

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