Stephanie McGovern on professional misconceptions.

Feminism Somewhat hidden in The Guardian's professional area, BBC Breakfast's business correspondent, Stephanie McGovern, writes about the reaction to her appointment and men's attitudes in general:
"I remember once at the end of a BBC job interview the manager said to me: "I didn't realise people like you were clever." I don't think he was being intentionally nasty. At that time in the BBC he was surrounded by clones of himself, give or take some facial hair and glasses. He had never worked with anyone 'like me' before and so thought he was taking a risk by employing me. Later I found out that he'd also told the rest of my team that 'someone very different was joining who would stir things up a bit'. Fundamentally though, I'm not any different, I just talk differently."
She's one of the few reasons to watch Breakfast, capturing the tone perfectly, and unembarrassed when irish dancing or reporting from toy fairs.

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