Who is the Secret Actor? #3

Film So far, then, the approach taken by the secret actor, heretoforth known as "Secret", for remaining secret is to write in as vague or generic terms as possible and not to include as far as is apparent anything specific.

But there are hints. Take yesterday's column.

We can't really tell who the "very beautiful actor" is. She's a she. She's also British. The problem is we don't have any timescales. For all we know this could be decades ago. Could be Jenny Agutter. Could be Minnie Driver. Could be one of the Richardson-Redgraves.

We're told that Secret is wearing "evening attire" which pretty gender non-specific but the texture of the rest of the paragraph, indeed this whole thing, still suggests female to me.

But notice how, though we're told that the mutual producer friend (who could be anyone frankly) has introduced them at the opening night of a play, we're not told if either of them are actually in it.

We are told that Secret was out of work for a year but again without timescales she might just have been in at the start of her career.

Romila Garai wasn't in continuous work last decade. Despite the bitchiness at the end of this week, I still think this is her, though I should also consider the question of why she'd be doing this unless it's some kind of post The Hour cancellation creativity revenge plot.

[I should add that the readers are revolting.  The comments underneath are entirely negative.  But I do think there's a long game to this if they want to stick with it.]

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