Thomas Sangster doesn't think Love Actually is rubbish either.

TV Human Nature's Thomas Sangster's given an interview to Access Hollywood on the occasion of him joining Game of Thrones. He's asked about Love Actually and says:
"Oh yeah… it’s brilliant. I’m still very proud of it, although it does follow me an awful lot even today (laughs). It’s a lovely thing to be attached with. I think the reason it’s so successful, people love it so much, is it doesn’t try anything more than be a film that was designed to make you feel good. … It’s very easy to watch and it’s a love story, all set around Christmas. It just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all and people love that. They sit down every Christmas and I know a lot of guys that love the film and sit down and watch it with their girlfriends or their mothers. It just appeals to a very, very large audience and people seem to love it."
Given, as I described at length here, the potential misogyny, stalkerism and horrendous narrative technique, it remains a bizarre element of modern culture that people do think that it is such a feel good film considering the amount of tragedy wedged in throughout and at the end.

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