Adventures with the Wife in Space are done.

TV Best mark this landmark. Neil and Sue have finished, the Adventures with the Wife in Space are done. Completed. The final end and with this final, brilliant post about the TV Movie:
"And then the Master drops a bombshell:

The Master: The Doctor is half human!

Sue: Eh? Since when?

I pause the DVD.

Me: What do you make of that, then?

Sue: It makes sense, I suppose.


Sue: Well, he’s obsessed with Earth. He can’t keep away from the place. Why isn’t he saving Mars every week? There has to be a reason for it and that’s a good enough reason as any.

Me: I take it all back, you’re not a fan after all.
But she loves McGann, which is the main thing. As I've asked for the final podcast, I wonder if she'll be tempted to go off and listen to the audios?  Perhaps we'll find out in the book of the series which will be available shortly.

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