Film CNET meets some people who've never seen Star Wars. Then makes them watch it.
"The explanation I had the hardest time understand was that of Tami Fisher. A 32-year-old who grew up in Southern California and Utah, she said she just wasn't interested in movies about space. Then again, she also said her parents limited her movie watching to National Geographic and Care Bears films. As such, "Star Wars" was never a draw.

"And what did Fisher know about the movie, or at least the franchise? "I know the big reveal," she said. "The father-son relationship between whatever their names are."

"I tried not to tell her that she wouldn't be seeing the big reveal. That didn't seem fair."
With a slight warning that I don't think they quite pay off the promise of the article in terms of the reaction. But I suppose if you have never seen Star Wars, you're not really likely to have much to say about films in general anyway.

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