Doctor Who's BAFTA Tribute.

TV Presumably because they couldn't afford the clips or some other licensing issue, the Eighth Doctor was under represented in the BAFTA tribute last night. Everything else was present and correct, Dalek Sec, the Dominators, Colin not telling Peri that she's a rather egotistical young lady and Sylv finally defeating a Dalek by sticking two wires together. At least didn't include the Myrka I suppose.

The final bumper's a treat and shows that the these characters really are at their best and funniest when they're simply talking together in the TARDIS. Everything else just simply stops us from having that. Spot the moment when the walls of the fiction come crashing down and they drop out of character ... I'd never thought this before but Dr Brian Cox is sort of a real world version of the Doctor isn't he?

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