Who is the Secret Actor? #5

TV After last week's information overload, Secret's back to talking about someone else.

She has a friend who's a bit like Martin Freeman and is everywhere, but before that was being asked to be a bit like Martin Freeman in auditions.

If this is Romola "After the recent birth of my child, I had the misfortune of having 23 stitches in my vagina. So I didn't think I'd be laughing at anything for a long time - but tonight's nominees have proved me wrong" Garai (Oh wasn't she brilliant last night? Wasn't she?) then a prime Freeman-like suspect would be Joshua McGuire from The Hour.

He's sort of Freemanesque.  He's not "everywhere", certainly not on television.  He's not a household name.  He isn't out of work at the theatre though.  He played Hamlet at The Globe in 2011.  He's at The National at the moment.

The comments underneath the column are still scathing, but I'm sticking with it, if only for the intellectual challenge.

One of them is making an effort and suggests a few decent possibles.  Hits upon Hugh Bonneville as another possible, which could work too thanks to the Glorious 39 connection, but he's not very Freeman-like, plus he's was knocking around well before Freeman turned up nullifying the premise of the column.

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