Who is the Secret Actor? #9

Theatre This week, Not Romola Garai, or Secret, sigh, ploughs headlong into Shakespeare. Luckily he manages to dodge her in time.

Whoever is writing this is so shit scared of being found out, when they quote from an interview, they keep the subject anonymous. What's interesting is there also isn't enough for us to find this "legendary" article online, even by wildcarding the quote.

The ensuing anecdote, which is about someone else, so therefore irrelevant because she also neglects to mention their connection if it exists, sounds like it's about the RSC.

Sadly it's not really about anything else other than the arrogance of some actors and doesn't really go anywhere and is even given away in the subheadings of the article, which like a trailer for an Adam Sandler film was presumably scrabbling around for material from the thinnest of scraps..

As the first commenter notes, "Seriously, this is getting painful now."

Which it is. Nine articles in and even I'm beginning to miss the point, if there is one.

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