Another post about the thing.

Music BBC London News ran a piece about MKS this evening and it's now up on the BBC website.

The fact of its existence is what's interesting - there's not much new in the interview itself ("Unfinished business" "The album has lots of genres" etc).

 With the rather natty live version in the background it mostly seems like one of those pieces that sometimes crops up on local television about an unsigned band.

There's been a sense right the way through this about starting small and creating word of mouth rather than making the All Saint's mistake of going big and getting it wrong.

But they still look happy, which is good.  Plus there's a sense of reality to the thing, especially fashion wise, which runs counter to the other girl groups.

About the only grumbles I have are that the pre-0rder for the single is only at iTunes, which I don't use because it slows my computer for a crawl and the lead in time to the release is so long and thanks to the Soundcloud preview there are already rubbish pastiches available as this Spotify playlist demonstrates:

Some of the instrumental versions sound like a mash-up with St Elmos Fire (which I love also) but not in a good way.  They're all available on Amazon and sucking up potential profits.  Who buys these things?

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