MKS. Five Stars.

Music Having missed the MKS Scala concert on Thursday due to problems of geography and well that's it, I did enjoy vicariously following proceedings via social media. There are naughty phone cam videos in the usual places, not that I obviously condone such things, but one of them is from the edge of the stage and its like you're actually there. Nevertheless, let us pause momentary and stand in awe at The Guardian's rare five star review:
"MKS, as they're now known, stride on stage with a crowd-pleasing double-header: the surly lope of Overload and the yearning sweep of Run for Cover, the two biggest hits from their 2001 debut, One Touch. These are reprised right down to their original Top of the Pops dance moves – a leg-cross here, an insouciant spin there. But where the Sugababes of 2001 were quintessentially teenage in their world-weariness, MKS perform with the experience of grown women who have been through the wars. Their well-documented interpersonal drama is an unspoken backdrop: when Donaghy sings the parts of her 2002 replacement, Heidi Range, on Freak Like Me and a serenely redemptive Stronger, she's cheered lustily, and it feels like catharsis for her and the audience alike."
Note that The Guardian are still posting these things under the Sugababes tag. With any luck, that will have to be changed by default.

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