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Space UK team designs human mission to Mars. Amazingly thorough proposal from Imperial College London:
"The Imperial team have designed a two-part craft, consisting of a Martian lander with a heat shield, inside which the crew would also ascend into Earth orbit.

"Directly beneath the lander on the launch pad would be a "cruise habitat vehicle", a cylindrical craft split into three floors and measuring some 10m (30ft) in height and 4m in diameter.

"Once in Earth orbit, the astronauts would move from the lander into the larger habitat vehicle before a rocket burst would propel the conjoined craft on a trajectory to Mars. The quickest journey time would be nine months when Earth and Mars are in optimum alignment."
Perhaps of significant interest is that the astronauts would be scheduled to return home when more recent plans I've seen are for a one way visit.  Not that any of this is every going to happen.  Ice Warriors are more likely to invade us first,

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